National Shiba Club of America


The NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award is a periodic award designed to recognize the comprehensive achievements of any Shiba Inu who earns two or more AKC recognized title Championships. The Legacy Award reflects a high level of performance and breed type as defined in the breed standard and tested in conformation and competition trials. To receive this award, the owner (first name on registration) must be a documented NSCA member. The award will be presented at the annual Awards Banquet at the NSCA National Specialty.

The award will be an engraved plaque stating, “20__ NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award," dog's name, owner’s name (as shown on AKC registration), breeder’s name, National Shiba Club of America. A picture of the recipient will be printed in the Shiba E-News and posted on the NSCA Awards webpage.

Application period is May 1 through June 30 of each calendar year. Application form may be obtained on the NSCA Awards webpage or through the Awards Committee Chairperson. All application materials may be submitted electronically or hard copy. Provide copies of official documentation with the application to verify authenticity. An incomplete application (including verification documentation) will not be processed.


  1. Copy of AKC or AKC recognized Championship certificates (CH, OTCH, MACH, CT, VCCH, RATCH, etc) – a minimum of two Championship certificates must be provided.
  2. Copy of AKC registration.
  3. Statement of NCSA membership of owner, by name. This will be verified by the Awards Committee.


2022 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

    Not awarded

2021 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

  • CH San Jo Lillith Fair RN, CA, FDCH-G MBX RATS OA OAJ NF GCG — Owner: Lindsey Anne Tompkins and Leslie Ann Engen, Breeder: Leslie Ann Engen

2020 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

  • CH Tobishi's Careful! I'm Sizzlin' Hot! RA BCAT RATCH CGC TKN — Owner: Barb & Jim Berry and Tammy Szabo, Breeder: Tammy Szabo and Jim & Barb Berry

2019 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

  • CH MACH Nozomi's Yuengling Koodori RN MXS MJS XF T2B — Owner: Karen Groth & Daniel Groth, Breeder: Eleanore Carson, Eunice JM Carson, Eunice RC Giles & Mark W Giles

2016 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

  • CH Tobishi's Hotroddin' Hornet RE CA RATCHX CGC — James & Barbara Berry

2015 NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award:

  • CH MACH Nozomi's Princess Buttercup RN MXS MJX AXP AJP OF — Mark and Eunice Giles


Awards Chairperson
Terra Farley