National Shiba Club of America

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a sport based on the traditional task of “ratcatchers” in ridding barns and grounds of vermin. Barn Hunt is above ground and involves locating aerated tubes, some which contain a live rat, within an obstacle course made of straw bales in an allowed time frame. Dogs must also perform proper climb and tunnels. Barn Hunts are off leash in an enclosed area. This sport relies on hunting drives, prey drive is tertiary. Shiba Inus are uniquely equipped for this sport with a strong prey drive and light, quick movements. Shibas are very determined hunters that work the entire course, leaving no hay untouched until they find their prey. Rat care and safety is paramount in the sport and no rats are harmed. Barn Hunt titles are recognized by the AKC.

It’s a team sport between dog and handler. The handler’s ability to learn their dog’s indicator is key to their success. Frequently the dog is indicating the rat, but the handler is not reading the dog correctly. Barn Hunt helps build a positive association between your Shiba and you. Get your Ratter on and give it a try!

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