National Shiba Club of America


Shibas, with their instinctive hunting ability, are a natural at tracking.  Training involves helping your Shiba learn the expectations of tracking and helping the handler learn how to read their Shiba while they are working the track.  Depending on the Shiba, it may take one to 1 1/2 years of weekly training before being ready for the certification test.  Passing the certification test is a requirement prior to entering a Tracking Dog trial.  The certification test, proving readiness to perform, is provided by an AKC tracking judge or an experienced tracking person submitting the results to AKC.  The certification test is of the same complexity as an official Tracking Dog test.  Unlike most other companion events, your Shiba only needs to successfully pass the Tracking Dog test once to achieve their Tracking Dog title.  More advanced titles are available after achieving the TD (TDX, VST).  Once your Shiba has achieved all three tracking titles, they are a Champion Tracker (CT).