National Shiba Club of America

NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu – FAST CAT

This award is no longer offered

2019 NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu FAST CAT:

  • Hi-Jinx Fade to Black RN CAX FCAT3 CGC TKN — Owner: Michelle Hewitt & Sean Hewitt, Breeder: Patricia Doescher

2018 NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu FAST CAT:

  • Shoei Hi-Jinx Thunderstruck CAA FCAT ACT2 TKN — Mary Engstrom

2017 Outstanding Shiba Inu – Coursing Ability:

  • CAX - Hi-Jinx Red Hot Chili Pepper CAX DCAT THDA CGC — Jennifer Stegmaier
  • CA - CH Taichung Oso Noble CA RATN — Michelle Chadek

NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu – FAST CAT

The NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu – FAST CAT is designed to recognize the Shiba Inu demonstrating the fastest speed and drive in FAST CAT during the preceding calendar year. The award will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet at the NSCA National Specialty.

The award will be a plaque stating, “20__ Outstanding Shiba Inu – FAST CAT,” dog's name, miles per hour, owner’s name (as shown on AKC registration), breeder’s name, National Shiba Club of America. A picture of the Shiba Inu recipient and handler will be printed in the Shiba E-News and posted on the NSCA Awards webpage.

Application period is May 1 through June 30, 2023. Application form may be obtained on the NSCA Awards webpage or through the Awards Committee Chairperson. All application materials may be submitted electronically or hard copy. Provide copies of official documentation with the application form to verify authenticity. An incomplete application (including verification documentation) will not be processed.


  1. Provide official documentation of AKC FAST CAT speed ranking (screen shot of breed ranking page for calendar year).
  2. Copy of AKC registration.
  3. Statement of NCSA membership of owner, by name. This will be verified by the Awards Committee.

This award is no longer offered


Awards Chairperson
Katrina Nielsen