National Shiba Club of America

NSCA Awards Program

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Awards Application
Application period is May 1 through June 30, 2023

NSCA Awards — Policies and Procedures

Awards Chairperson
Katrina Nielsen



To develop and manage an awards program to honor excellence and outstanding achievements of Shiba Inu teams.



  • Agility
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Running Clean
    • NSCA Top 10 Shiba Inu – Agility
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Grand Champion
    • NSCA Preferred Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Top 3 Shiba Inu – Preferred Agility
  • Barn Hunt
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Barn Hunt
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Barn Hunt Hall of Fame
  • Community Service & Education
    • NSCA Community Service Award
    • NSCA Community Service Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Education Award
    • NSCA Heroism Award
  • Conformation
    • NSCA Breeder, Owner, Handler Award
    • NSCA Owner Handler Top 10
    • NSCA Top 10 – Conformation
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Conformation Hall Of Fame
    • NSCA Registry Of Merit
  • Lure Coursing Ability
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu FAST CAT
    • NSCA Shiba Inu FAST CAT Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Coursing Ability Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Top 10 – FAST CAT
  • Obedience
    • NSCA Top 10 Shiba Inu – Obedience
    • NSCA Top Shiba Inu – Obedience
    • NSCA Obedience Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Obedience Champion Shiba Inu
  • Rally
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Rally
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Rally Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Rally Champion Shiba Inu
  • Tracking
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Tracker
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Tracking Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Champion Tracker
  • Multi Sport
    • NSCA Versatile Shiba Inu
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award
    • NSCA Outstanding Sire
    • NSCA Outstanding Dam
    • NSCA Member Club of the Year
  • Miscellaneous Sports
    • NSCA Scent Work Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Scent Work
    • NSCA Trick Dog Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Flyball Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Diver
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Dock Diving Hall of Fame

To qualify for an award, at least one of the dog’s owners must be an NSCA member in good standing as of the date the application is submitted. The membership roster on the NSCA website shall be considered the source of truth for membership validation.