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The Total Shiba

Written by Gretchen Haskett & Susan Houser

$29.95 plus shipping
Alpine Publications
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The Complete Shiba Inu (Hardcover) by Maureen Atkinson

Shibas (Hardcover) by Richard Tomita

Shiba Inus (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) (Paperback)
by Laura Payton

Shiba Inu (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series) (Hardcover)
by Andrew Deprisco

Japanese Shiba (Pet Love; Special Rare Breed Edition) (Hardcover)
by Andrew Deprisco

Japanese Dogs (Akita, Shiba and Other Breeds) (Hardcover) by Michiko Chiba

Jojofu (Hardcover) by Michael P. Waite, illustrated by Yoriko Ito

Nihon Ken Hyakka by Hajime Watanabe (Japanese only) *

The Shiba Inu Annual by Hoflin Publishing: years still available: - '93, '98, '99, '00, '01, '03