National Shiba Club of America


2020 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • MACH2 Copperdots Yoshio — Owner: Peter Chuck & Yasuko Fukuda, Breeder: Diana Smiley

2019 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • MACH4 Kiko Princess Sheeba BN RAE MXS2 MJS2 XF T2B4 — Amy Ripepi & Garry Grasinski
  • CH MACH Nozomi's Yuengling Koodori RN MXS MJS XF T2B — Owner: Karen Groth & Daniel Groth, Breeder: Eleanore Carson, Eunice JM Carson, Eunice RC Giles & Mark W Giles

2018 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • MACH3 Shelby Rizzi — Joni Rizzi

2017 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • MACH Kamekaze RA MXS MJG MFB T2B8 CAA RATN CGC — Liz Dzubay & Mary Holt

2016 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • Mojito RN MX MXJ MXP3 MJPB PAX OF XFP T2B T2BP2 CA CGC — Liz Dzubay & Mary Holt
  • MACH3 Sheena BN RN MXB2 OF OFP CGC — Karen Groth
  • MACH 9 Kado VI CD RN MXS3 MJS3 MXF TQX T2B — Julie Jones
  • MACH Nozomi’s Double Black Diamond RN MJS XF CA — Eunice & Mark Giles
  • MACH Cape Cod’s 007 at Nozomi CD BN RE MX MXJ MJG XF CA — Eunice & Mark Giles

2015 NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame:

  • MACH2 Nozomi's Dread Pirate Roberts RE MXS MJC MXF — Mark and Eunice Giles
  • CH MACH Nozomi's Princess Buttercup RN MXS MJX AXP AJP OF — Mark and Eunice Giles

NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame

The NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame is designed to recognize the Shiba Inu who has displayed superior achievement in the sport of canine agility. This one time life-long achievement award may be earned by more than one Shiba Inu per year. The award will be presented at the annual Awards Banquet at the NSCA National Specialty.

The award will be a plaque stating, “20__ NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame,” dog's name, owner’s name (as shown on AKC registration), breeder’s name, National Shiba Club of America. A picture of the Shiba Inu recipient and handler will be printed in the Shiba E-News and posted on the NSCA Awards webpage.

Deadline to apply is postmark by June 1 of each calendar year (extended to June 15 for 2019 only). Application form may be obtained on the NSCA Awards webpage or through the Awards Committee Chairperson. All application materials may be submitted electronically or hard copy. Provide copies of official documentation with the application to verify authenticity. An incomplete application (including verification documentation) will not be processed.


  1. Any Shiba Inu achieving a Master Agility Champion (MACH) title is considered to have achieved the requirements for the Agility Hall of Fame recognition.
    1. Achievement of MX and MJX titles
    2. 10 Double Qs. No more than three may come from AX and AJX runs (at the excellent level, Double Q means a qualifying score was achieved in both AX and AJX at the same trial).
    3. 375 MACH points
  2. Provide official documentation of above
  3. Copy of AKC registration
  4. Statement of NCSA membership of owner, by name. This will be verified by the Awards Committee


Awards Chairperson
Rebecca Powell