National Shiba Club of America


2017 NSCA Outstanding Dam Award:

  • GCHS CH Pendragon Rubi Kayoubi — Lori Pendergast

2016 NSCA Outstanding Dam Award:

  • CH Taichung All That Jazz VCD1 RN AX AXJ THD RATO CGC — Janet & Michael Johnson

2015 NSCA Outstanding Dam Award:

  • CH MACH Nozomi's Princess Buttercup RN MXS MJX AXP AJP OF — Mark and Eunice Giles

NSCA Outstanding Dam Award

ThThe NSCA Outstanding Dam Award is designed to recognize Shiba Inu sire contributions to the breed whose offspring reflect the breed’s character and purpose. NSCA appreciates that the future of the Shiba Inu rests with the sires and dams that produce each successive generation. The degree of excellence is evidence by the earned titles of the offspring. The Shiba Inu dam with the highest number of points will be awarded the designation of Outstanding Dam. The award will be presented at the annual Awards Banquet at the NSCA National Specialty.

The award will be a plaque stating, “NSCA Outstanding Dam, dog's name, owner’s name (as shown on AKC registration), breeder’s name, National Shiba Club of America.” A picture of the recipient and list of offspring and their titles will be printed in the Shiba E-News and posted on the NSCA Awards webpage.

Deadline to apply is postmarked by June 1 of each calendar year. Application form may be obtained on the NSCA Awards webpage or through the Awards Committee Chairperson. All application materials may be submitted electronically or hard copy. Provide copies of official documentation with the application to verify authenticity. An incomplete application (including verification documentation) will not be processed.


  1. A dam must produce at least three qualifying progeny.
  2. A minimum of 75 points (totaled for all qualifying progeny) must be achieved to qualify for the award.
  3. At least two of the three qualifying progeny must have a conformation title.
  4. At least two of the three qualifying progeny must each have a minimum of a twenty point or higher AKC title.
  5. Points are based on the titles earned as described below.
  6. Points are not cumulative within a category and only the highest achievement earned in each category is recognized.
  7. Documentation must be provided for all awards listed.
  8. Copy of AKC registration.
  9. Statement of NCSA membership of owner, by name. This will be verified by the Awards Committee.
  10. Point Schedule

AKC Conformation Titles

  • 10 points          Champion
  • 20 points          Grand Champion
  • 25 points          Grand Champion – Bronze Level
  • 35 points          Grand Champion – Silver Level
  • 45 points          Grand Champion – Gold Level
  • 60 points          Grand Champion – Platinum Level


AKC Obedience Titles

  • 10 points          Novice-Companion Dog (CD), Preferred Novice (PCD), or Graduate Novice (GN)
  • 15 points          Graduate Open (GO)
  • 20 points          Open-Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) or Preferred Open (PCDX)
  • 20 points          Versatility
  • 30 points          Utility Dog (UD) or Preferred Utility (PUTD)
  • 40 points          Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) or Preferred Utility (PUDX)
  • 60 points          Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) or POTCH


AKC Tracking Titles

  • 10 points          Tracking Dog (TD) or Urban Tracking Dog (TDU)
  • 20 points          Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
  • 35 points          Variable Surface Tracking (VST)
  • 60 points          Tracking Champion (CH T)


AKC Agility Titles

  • 10 points          Novice Agility (NA, NAP, NAJ, NJP, NF, NFP)
  • 20 points          Open Agility (OA, OAP, OAJ, OJP, OF, OFP)
  • 25 points          Time2Beat
  • 30 points          Agility Excellent (AX, AXP, AXJ, AJP, XF, XFP)
  • 40 points          Master Agility Excellent (MX, MXP, MXJ, MJP, MXF, MFP)
  • 60 points          Master Agility Champion (MACH or PACH)


AKC Rally Titles

  • 5 points           Rally Novice (RN)
  • 10 points          Rally Advanced (RA)
  • 20 points          Rally Excellent (RE)
  • 40 points          Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE)


 AKC Coursing Ability Titles

  • 5 points          Coursing Ability (CA) or BCAT
  • 10 points          Coursing Ability Advanced (CAA) or DCAT
  • 20 points          Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) or FCAT


Barn Hunt Titles

  • 5 points          Novice (RATN)
  • 10 points          Open (RATO)
  • 20 points          Senior (RATS)
  • 30 points          Master (RATM)
  • 40 points          Champion (RATCH)


Canine Good Citizen

  • 3 points          CGC


Therapy Dog Certification

  • 20 points          AKC Therapy Dog title