National Shiba Club of America

NSCA Awards Program

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To develop and manage an awards program to honor excellence and outstanding achievements of Shiba Inu teams.



  • Agility
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Running Clean
    • NSCA Top 10 Shiba Inu – Agility
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Agility Hall of Fame

  • Conformation
    • NSCA Breeder, Owner, Handler Award
    • NSCA Top 10 Shiba Inu – Conformation
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Conformation Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Outstanding Sire
    • NSCA Outstanding Dam
    • NSCA Registry of Merit
  • Obedience
    • NSCA Top 10 Shiba Inu – Obedience
    • NSCA Top Shiba Inu – Obedience
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Obedience Hall of Fame

  • Rally
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Rally
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Rally Hall of Fame

  • Tracking
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Tracker
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Tracking Hall of Fame

  • Barn Hunt
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Barn Hunt
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Barn Hunt Hall of Fame

  • Nose Work
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Nose Work
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Nose Work Hall of Fame

  • Lure Coursing Ability
    • NSCA Outstanding Shiba Inu Coursing Ability
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Coursing Ability Hall of Fame

  • Versatility
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Versatility Hall of Fame
    • NSCA Shiba Inu Legacy Award

  • Miscellaneous
    • NSCA Community Service Award
    • NSCA Education Award
    • NSCA Heroism Award
    • NSCA Member Club of the Year
  • Certificates of Appreciation
    • Annual certificates will be presented to all volunteers serving the NSCA (BOD, officers, committee members and chair person's etc).