National Shiba Club of America

NSCA Top Shiba Inu – Obedience

The NSCA Top Shiba Inu - Obedience of the preceding year will be honored at the Annual Awards Banquet at the NSCA National Specialty. The NSCA Top Shiba Inu – Obedience will be recognized from the Shiba Inu achieving the highest obedience level for that year. This award may be achieved by more than one Shiba Inu per year if more than one Shiba Inu has reached the same “highest” level.

The award will be a certificate stating, “20__ NSCA Top Shiba Inu – Obedience", dog's level and name, owner’s name (as shown on AKC registration), breeder’s name, National Shiba Club of America.” A picture of the top Shiba Inu in obedience (whose owner, first name on registration, is a documented NSCA member) will be printed in the Shiba E-News and posted on the NSCA Awards webpage.

Note: This award will be determined by the NSCA Obedience title webpage. This award does not need an application.


Awards Chairperson
Michelle Chadek