National Shiba Club of America

2011 Top Twenty Invitational

2011 Top Twenty Invitational Winner

GCH Dragon House Mr. Jones
Owned By: Sandy Smith

2011 Top Twenty Qualifiers

Qualification period: The dogs listed below were ranked in the Top 20 AKC Breed rankings as of December 31, 2010

Event took place on November 18, 2011 in Ft. Mitchell - KY

GCH CH Cantebriar's Hot Toddy - D Lucero/F Lucero
GCH CH Dragon House Mr.Jones - S Smith
GCH CH Fanfair's Without A Trace At Glenchester - M Peterson/D Peterson/J Dirksing
GCH CH Jogoso's Fool For Love - M McCarty/H McCarty
GCH CH Jogoso's Notorious - S Ozasa/G Ozasa
GCH CH Justa Setsuzan Roki Yama's Azorra - E Maes/L Simons/W Fletcher/K Fletcher
GCH CH Kumi One Ten Soldier - P Peterson
GCH CH Morningstar Fujiwara No Megumi Sou - D Gordon/G Gordon
GCH CH Mo's Grand Thunderstorm - P Moilanen/M Donlevy
GCH CH Oak's Fuyu Kazan Ryuu - P Gilliard
CH Rihatsu Shizu-San Go Satori - M Smilanich/G Griffith/A Sakayeda
GCH CH Ryuu No Gen Shun You Kensha - L Pasquarello
CH San Jo Juicy Gossip - L Engen
GCH CH Sno-Storm's Catch Me If You Can - M Rotkowski/D Rotkowski/R Hutchison
GCH CH Sonkei Ichi Ryu At Pendragon - L Pendergast
GCH CH Taichung Oso Handsome - L Perkinson
GCH CH Tanasea's Tai-Grr - D Meador
CH Tenkai Go Ryuukyuu Uruma - L Engen
GCH CH Tobishi's Rough 'N Ready - T Szabo/A Szabo
GCH CH Yuko's Chief Red Eagle - K Vano


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