National Shiba Club of America

Final 2007 Top Twenty Rankings

Starting from January 1, 2007 up to and including December 31, 2007

ATTENTION: The following Shibas will be invited to participate in the 2008 Top Twenty Invitational,
which will be held the evening prior to the 2008 National Specialty. Listed owner(s) should verify that
the Top Twenty Committee has their correct mailing address to receive information regarding the event.

1 CH Frerose Good Will Hunter 534
  F Duane  
2 CH Kawamalsou's Best Kept Secret 414
  M Ross  
3 CH Jogoso's Notorious 235
  S Ozasa/G Ozasa  
4 CH Copperdots Habatakuira Kumiai 225
  L Pendergast  
5 CH San Jo Wild Wild West 219
  P Peterson  
6 CH Copperdots Grothoichiro 184
  A Groth  
7 CH Flashpoint's Top Gun At C And L 176
  L Doran/C Doran  
8 CH Akio Chousei Sou Morningstar 152
  J Morningstar  
9 CH Fanfair Snostorm Ringside Rebel 112
  M Rotkowski/D Rotkowski/R Hutchison  
10 CH Justa Massimiliano 112
  W Fletcher/K Fletcher/L Simons  
11 CH Jogoso's Fool For Love 112
  M McCarty/H McCarty  
12 CH Tanasea's Taimatsu 110
  D Meador  
13 CH Sunojo's Wild Ride 109
  B Gibbons  
14 CH Okan's Blowin In The Wind 107
  C Miller  
15 CH Mamiya's Sunset Storm 107
  C Mamiya  
16 CH Stammlocks Daikichi 103
  C Ross  
17 CH Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou 94
  J Morningstar/N Graham  
18 CH Trynyty Cayenne Of Thunderpaw 90
  B Reeves  
19 CH Marma's The Wizzard 87
  C Nelson/Z Nelson/D Gordon/G Gordon  
20 CH Rodels Miway Or The Highway 85
  T Rolenaitis/S Rolenaitis/F DAUM  


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