National Shiba Club of America

2017 Top Twenty Rankings

Starting from January 1, 2017 up to and including January 31, 2017.
(from Canine Chronicle)

Standing Name Points Owner
1 GCHG CH Gold Strike Takachiyo Go 31 H Dickey/D Dickey/T Arndt
2 GCH CH Kiralia's Rising Above The Madness 23 K Quallio
2 GCH CH San Jo Cole Haan 23 P Peterson
4 GCH CH Roscka's Touch Of Spice At Mirage 22 E Chism/C Ross
4 GCH CH Tobishi's Gold Rush 22 T Szabo
6 CH Jogoso's Makin' Waves 19 S Ozasa/L Sakashita
7 GCH CH Jogoso's Lucky Thirteen 17 S Ozasa/L Huang/L Sakashita
8 GCH CH Katai 'N Kobushi Buck Austin Redd 14 B Gibbons
9 GCH CH K-Bar's Twlight Affair 12 B Rarick
11 GCHB CH Kishi's Kenji Tai-San Schisel 9 J Schisel/A Schisel
11 San Jo Rock Steady At Kokuryuu 9 P Crowley/L Crowley
13 Ryuujin No Sakuyahime Higowakon 7 H Lee/M Lee/K Inoue
14 GCH CH Suro Go Ryuukyuu Uruma 6 K Inoue
14 CH San Jo Ziggy Stardust 6 C Nelson/J Nelson/S Shannon
16 GCHB CH Rippa-Na May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor 5 C Hubbard/B Bobrow
16 CH Whidbey's Shika Mai 5 J Schisel/A Schisel
16 GCH CH Lee-Fen Roscka's Absolute Justice 5 C Ross/C Giffin
19 Tintown's Nobility By Design 3 S Abel


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