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Mike Broussard

Non-Member Subscriptions:

New subscription rates effective November 1, 2014

If you would like to subscribe to the Shiba E-News Quarterly Magazine and are not a member of NSCA, you may purchase an annual subscription or pay per issue. The annual subscription is $40 or $10 for a single issue for US Residents.

If you are purchasing a single issue of the Enews magazine, please be sure to include which copy you are interested in. There are instructions that can be included when you pay with PayPal. If no instructions are included, then the most recent issue will be shipped to to.

Please note changes on non member subscriptions:
Unfortunatly, due to the increasing cost of postage, there has been a moderate price increase on non-member subscriptions of the Shiba E-News magazine being shipped outside the United States. While we sincerely appreciate everyone's interest in the magazine, we are trying to maintain a quality magazine, keep costs as low as possible.
The annual overseas foreign E-News subscriptions are $58 per year. The cost for individual E-News magazines for overseas foreign issues is $15.75 per issue. Canada and Mexico rates are $53.00 for an annual subscription or $14.00 for a single issue.

Payment must be received before you can be added to the shipping list.

If making payment by check, please make a note at the bottom of your check stating the payment is for non-member E-News subscription. Please send check made payable to NSCA and mail to:

Mike Broussard
3612 Taylor Pike
Blanchester, OH 45107


We also accept payments through our Paypal account:

Non-Member Subscription

Thank you for your interest in the Shiba Enews Magazine.
E-News Editor


Article Submissions & Advertisers

REMEMBER, those who contribute articles for publication that are used in the e-news receive a $15 discount on a placed ad!

So don’t delay…Get those ads in! Put a pen in hand and get that important topic on paper or just drop us an email to tell us what you most want to read about! Our goal is to create a learning experience as well as a medium to boast about our favorite dogs.

Ad Payment Info:

Please Note: If you are interested in placing an ad in the Enews magazine, please contact Mike at prior to submitting payment for your ad to make sure there is space available.
Any and all ad pages must be paid for before they can be reserved. There is a 7 day period in which you must pay for the ad after it has been requested. Any ads not paid for will not be held past the 7 day period.

* Please Note: If you are not a member of the NSCA and still wish to place an ad there will be an additional $10.00 fee. You will however, still receive the multiple ad discount. If you are a commercial business wishing to place an ad there will be an additional fee of $20.00.

PLEASE NOTE: All advertisers who will be writing personal checks to pay for E-news ads or those purchasing a non member subscription, please make your check payable to NSCA not Shiba E-News and mail to: Mike Broussard, 6312 Taylor Pike, Blanchester, OH 45107.

We also accept payments through our Paypal account:  A Multiple Ad discount along with a Custom option has been added for PayPal users. If making ad payment through Paypal, please contact to confirm availability. 

To Submit Photos Electronically:
Please send Photos Only with "Shiba E-News: Attn: Mike" in the subject line to one of the following addresses.  or  Please note, photos must be sent as attachments, not  imbedded in the email. Scanned photos must be at least 400 dpi in resolution and be full size to insure clarity.
Please send ad copy in the body of an email post or a Microsoft Word Document to 

Snail Mail Photo Submission:
If you are unable to scan your own photo you may send a photo in the mail. To snail mail photos, please mail to Mike Broussard, 6312 Taylor Pike, Blanchester, Ohio 45107. Send copy for your mailed ad in an email post to

Note: Please be aware that possible damage may occur to photos sent in the mail. Editors are not responsible for copy errors, please proof-read your copy prior to submission to be sure all information is correct.

Questions on ads or copy, please contact: Mike at

Ad prices:
There is a $5.00 discount for multiple ads and a $15.00 discount if you submit an article.
Please note: These prices are for ads placed by NSCA members. * Please Note: If you are not a member of the NSCA and still wish to place an ad there will be an additional $10.00 fee. You will however, still receive the multiple ad discount. If you are a commercial business wishing to place an ad there will be an additional fee of $15.00.

Full Page $75 
Half Page $45 
Front Cover $165 
Back Cover $125 
Inside Front Cover $110 
Inside Back Cover $110 
Centerfold: (includes 2 pictures) $155
Litter Listing $20

The new policy on the front cover

The Shiba E-News front cover is limited to one time in a 12 month period by an individual advertiser or household. The advertiser is considered to be the individual /household that is paying for the cover and must be an owner of record on the dog. A dog with multiple owners may only be on the cover once in a 12 month period regardless of who pays for the advertising. An exception is granted for a dog that wins Best of Breed at the National Specialty that has already had a front cover in the previous 12 months. If the front cover has not been purchased two weeks prior to the E-News deadline, it will be open to anyone wishing to purchase it.

Policy Concerning Ads Created by Independant Designers or Advertisers

Addressing Ad Submission: Prior to ad submision or payment, the E-News editor must first be be contacted by all designers or advertisers. Ads will be submitted as useable files. Useable files are defined as an optimized PDF file that can be opened and used for set up in preparation for publication according to the following specs: Canvas size for inside pages to be 7.5 w X 10.05h. If a pre-edited photo is submitted for the front cover, the canvas size is to be 7w X 8.853h, which would include any text desired to be used. If any questions arise, or more information is needed, designers may contact the editor at
Ads not created by the E-News editor in need of correction, change, or useablity are the responsibility of the advertiser or designer. If an advertiser is using an independent designer, said designer is to provide a proof to the advertiser for approval prior to submitting the file to the editor.

Addressing unusable files: If unsable files are submitted, they will be returned. To avoid possibly missing the deadline, it is recommended that ads be created by independent designers or advertisers one week prior to the deadline. This should allow ample time should pre-approved files need corrections or changes in usablity.
Once the returned files are made accessible, they will be accepted for publication. If the deadline for submissions passes and said files are not re-submitted as usable files, they will not be published in the current magazine but will be published in a subsequent issue. If the advertiser chooses not to publish the ad in a subsequent issue, they must submit their request in writing within one week of the upcoming deadline. Upon receiving written notification that the advertiser chooses not to publish the ad, a refund will be issued.
Thank you.

Please note: We pay strict attention to copyright infringement policies. If someone designing an ad duplicates an image or font that resembles too closely to that of another commercial or private organization or individual, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance of such immages or fonts.
All ranked placements must disclose the source of such placements as coming from AKC, Canine Chronicle, UKC, FCI International dog shows or any other source.

ENews Ad Coupon

If making ad payment through Paypal,
please confirm ad space availability first.

Ad Deadlines:
Spring deadline: Feb. 23, 2015
Summer deadline: May 25, 2015
Autumn deadline: August 24, 2015
Winter deadline: November 23, 2015

Full Page $75
Half Page $45
Front Cover $165
Back Cover $125
Inside Front Cover $110
Inside Back Cover $110
(includes 2 pictures)
Litter Listing $20
Custom Order  

Multiple page discount:
$5 off each ad after the first ad