Upcoming Seminars and Specialties

Judges' Education seminars are open to applicant, provisional and approved judges and will include an audio visual presentation and a hands-on session with a number of live dogs.

Ringside mentoring is always available for the National Specialty but may be able to be arranged for other shows on request.  Contact an approved parent club mentor to arrange ringside mentoring at other shows.

NSCA Regional Specialties also attract large entries of Shiba Inu and will provide a good opportunity to see a nice entry of quality exhibits.

NSCA Seminars

June 29 - July 2, 2017
Non Sporting Group Judges Education
Sponsored by the Oklahoma City Summer Classic Dog Shows, held in conjunction with these shows.
Shiba Inu seminar 7/1/17
Presenter: Lori Pendergast
Cost $35.00 per breed up to 3 breeds, or 100.00 4+
For more information, contact Pamela S. Bale, cbale@cox.net
Phone: 405-830-5350 Fax: 405-848-8798

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